Halat Kompozisyonları ve Tambur Oranları

Steel Wire Rope Compositions and Pulley Ratios
Const. Optimized D/d Min. D/d
6x7 72 42
17x7,18x7 51 34
6x21 Fi 51 34
6x26WS 45 30
35x7 45 30
6x25Fi 41 27
6x31WS 39 26
6x37 39 26
x36WS 39 23
6x41WS 35 21
8x19 S 32 27
8x25 Filler 41 21

Fleet Angle

Fleet Angle: is the angle shown by the perpendicular line that goes from the center
of the chase to the drum flange and the drum center. Categorized as left and right.
The angle is expected to be in the recommended tolerance rates. Otherwise it affects
the wire’s service life.

To increase the performance and service life of wire, fleet of angle should be
1,5 angle on flat drums, and should not be more than 2,5 angle on grooved drums.

Lubrication of Wire Rope
Steel wire ropes are lubricated during production. However it is not sufficient for long term use. Therefore it should be inspected during maintanance and lubricated if necessary.

Advantages of Lubrication

1. Prevents wear
2. Increases life time
3. Protects against corrosion
4. Provides better slide of wires and strands during work olarak kaymalarını sağlamak.